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                                    Office Address: No. 4177, No. 18, Shuangqiao East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
                                    Postal code: 100121
                                    Phone: 010-85986789
                                    Fax: 010-85372680
                                    Email: trx@
                                  strain gauge
                                  Digital Pressure Gauge
                                  Smart Detonator
                                  Wild and Coal Mine Safety Inspection System
                                  Teaching Equipment
                                  National Mine Product Safety Mark Center State Administration of Work Safety
                                  Coal Science Research Institute China Coal Industry Network
                                  Clay bricks Closed Cooling Tower
                                  Cold machine Precision casting
                                  Winding Machine Fire mud

                                  KJ327 real-time curve online browsing system

                                  Founded in 1999, Beijing Tairui Jinxing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R\u0026D, production and sales of professional equipment and equipment for micro-signal detection and processing. The company actively participates in international competition and cooperation and establishes a strategic partnership with Australia"s GEL INSTRUMENT. Drawing on the excellent operation norms and experience of the same industry, establishing an operation mode suitable for its own development, and adhering to the business direction of "specialized company", hehe...
                                  For many years, Terry Venus has been committed to providing customers with quality products and comprehensive solutions. At the same time, we adhere to the principle of “starting from the beginning and pursuing higher goals” and integrating the spirit of “seeking a perfect solution” into our daily work. Providing products to customers is only the beginning of service, and providing customers with a complete set of solutions is the highest goal of our service. ...
                                  Shanxi developed the first intelligent 10 million-ton coal comprehensive mining equipment 2014-10-14
                                  Overview of coal mine monitoring and control system 2010-6-18
                                  Coal price diving market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere 2008-10-16
                                  The NDRC once again called "coal to oil" 2008-9-29
                                  Noise Detection Report 2017-9-24
                                  Integrity first, winning by quality 2017-9-24
                                  Best of the 2013 Coal Industry Science and Technology Progress Award "First Prize 2015-12-22
                                  The company won the title of "2014 Beijing Credit Enterprise" 2014-4-15
                                  Congratulations on the completion of the new plant of Terry Venus! 2013-9-10
                                  Australian expert team came to our company for project negotiation 2009-2-11
                                  The first prize of the third safety production technology advancement in Henan Province 2008-9-29
                                  The latest product of our company "a new type of mine pressure monitoring system 2008-9-29
                                      To provide customers with first-class technical services and establish a good service image of the company, we adhere to the "customer-centric" purpose, "to achieve customer satisfaction" as A measure of the standard of everything. In terms of product service, we solemnly promise to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products before, during and after sales.
                                  To this end, we have developed a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales technical support service guidelines.
                                  Peking University 2008-9-29
                                  China Launch Vehicle Research Institute 2008-9-29
                                  Tsinghua University 2008-9-29
                                  Ping coal group 2008-9-29
                                  Chinese Academy of Building Research 2008-9-29
                                  Beijing Institute of Technology 2008-9-29
                                  Pan"an Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. 2008-10-14
                                  Address: No. 4177, No. 18, Shuangqiao East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
                                  Tel: 010-85986789 E-mail: trx@
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